A student project made during a university challenge

Four students from ATI (Paris 8), designed L'Allumeur de Réverbères during an intensive project.
We were willing to create an original video-game concept, using technical constraints as features.
We wanted to build an original world with its little story that makes us want to get in it.

Every lamp must be alight!

Help the little lamplighter to kindle every lights. Lead him from a floating island to another, making the city less gloomy.

Guide the lamplighter
using real objects

Build platforms and walls to prevent the character from falling into the void and help them traveling from one street lamp to the next. The character moves on its own, jumping on the platforms you make.

Beware of your own shadow!

Obstructing the projector's light is detected and will undo the character's job! If a streetlamp finds itself hidden by your shadow, it will turn off and you will have to bring the character back to it.

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The project in few technical features

The gameplay cannot exist without these, because the real and virtual worlds are linked by technology.

  • Mixed Reality

    Actual platforms make a bridge between virtual and real world.

  • Projection

    Projecting on a wall makes the game more concrete and instantly handy.

  • Kinect powered

    Kinect is used to project the player's shadow into the virtual world and to make it interacts with lights.

  • Rich sound design

    Both music and sound make this world tangible for the players. (Music composed by Solène Trémon)

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